The 2015 Business & Leadership Forum Kicks off on a Good Note

Nearly 150 participants took part in the first business meeting as part of the 3rd annual Business & Leadership Forum organized by Empower Africa in conjunction with the Dallas-Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce in Lubumbashi, from 5-9 August. 

Dr Muzingu
Dr Jose Muzingu

The opening remarks by José Muzingu lay the scoping of the event. “Africa, a Land of Prospects” has become a slogan, and José Muzingu put it in his own words: “The hour has come for Africa,” he said. For this highly prospective continent to move forward, it should comply with seven criteria as required in the context of the 21st century, including area, population, natural resources, technology, skills, leadership and collective intelligence. The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) fill these requirements and are counted as emerging countries. In his closing remarks, the speaker invited the participants to make the most of this forum.

The African American, Mr. Mark Christie, on his part, discussed three elements that stimulate the rise of a quality trading company, namely the existence of an objective, partnership and the capital. He wished that at the end of this forum effective partnership should be entered with DRC businessmen.

Professor Jean-Luc Kahamba paid recognition to the DRC as one the best reforming countries and gave a few examples as implemented in the country. In the end, he invited the participants to a spirit of competition like in other countries.

Mrs. Rose Tshakwiza, CEO of RT Mwangaza, encouraged entrepreneurs to also invest in the communication area, which is part of business opportunities the DRC provides.

A session of questions and answers wrapped up this initial day.

Jean-Jacques Kalonji


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